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How to create memorable moments that not only drive clicks, but also capture hearts.
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Creating value withPersonalisation

Get behind the buzz and learn how true 1:2:1 personalisation — done right — becomes profitable.

At this Merkle Morning event, we explore the nuances of personalisation and how you create meaningful and memorable customer experiences that foster long-term relationship and loyalty. Enjoy a great mix of expert insights, real-life inspiration, and networking with your morning coffee.

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Join this session Kick off your day with 90 minutes of fresh insights on 1:2:1 personalisation.

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Ross Whalley will reveal Merkle’s best practices and approach to Personalisation & Next Best Experience. Rasmus Houlind details how you can create value with personalisation, including a clear and easy-to-use framework. Lastly, Louise Friis Blomberg shares why individuality matters with key case insights from Verisure’s digital transformation and personalisation journey. 


Coffee and networking

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Merkle MorningsKey Takeaways

After this Merkle Mornings event, you'll be able to share expertly curated knowledge about:

  • Insights
    Why does personalisation sometimes miss the target? Hear from “Personalisation” thought leader and author of ‘Make it all about me’ and ‘Hello $FirstName’, Rasmus Houlind, CXO at Agillic, as he deconstructs how customer data fuels insights, that coupled with relevant content helps you deliver valuable personalised experiences across all channels.
  • Inspiration
    Get inspiration from how Security company, Verisure, have approached their personalisation journey, as Louise Friis Blomberg, Group Technology Lead at Verisure, talks through the maturity of executing personalisation across their 17 markets, from running personalised campaigns to individualised customer service experiences.
  • Perspective
    Hear from Ross Whalley, CDO at Merkle, as he shares his experiences and perspectives on the foundational aspects needed for delivering 1:2:1 Personalisation and Next Best Experience at scale.

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